SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor View for Galaxy S4 1

SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor View for Galaxy S4

We cover a lot of products from SPIGEN SGP for a few different reasons: quality and looks.  Their cases are absolutely gorgeous, and the quality of the materials used is on point.  The Slim Armor View is their latest case, and it combines their extremely popular Slim Armor Galaxy S4 Case with an S-View Flip Cover.  It’s currently available in Black and White.

SPIGEN SGP has outdone themselves with this stunningly gorgeous rugged case that even includes an S-View flip cover

Done gawking at this beauty?  Good.  The Slim Armor View is a hybrid case consisting of two popular materials: TPU and polycarbonate.  The TPU portion of this case makes up the silicone skin foundation which wraps around your Galaxy S4 which is much better than having your device make direct contact with any sort of polycarbonate shell.  The TPU is rubbery, so it’s going to protect your S4 from drops and falls thanks to its shock-absorbing capability.  A main reason why the best cases utilize two materials is because they both have different protective properties.  The TPU foundation is also what the polycarbonate shell attaches to.

SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor View for Galaxy S4

One interesting design aspect of this hybrid case, which we’ve touched on in the past, is the placement of the TPU.  SPIGEN SGP has opted to place it on the top and bottom of the case, which is great because it protects all four corners of your Galaxy.  As we’ve stated several times in the past, the corners of any large-screened device are very vulnerable when dropped and often lead to the screen cracking or shattering.  The inside of the TPU foundation also has an advanced shocking absorption technology that’s made possible by a spider web pattern.

The polycarbonate portion of the case has the company’s signature custom paint, which looks gorgeous in person.  The shell is also the means in which the S-View flip cover is attached via an arm with two joints.  The shell provides rigidity to the case as well and also keeps the TPU firmly pressed against your handset.

The S-View flip cover is really well done, and the interior of it is lined with a very soft material to prevent scratching on your 4.99″ display.  There’s also a button built into the bottom of flip that accommodates the home button so you can also press the home button from the outside without opening the flip.  At the top of the flip cover, there is also an opening for the speaker grille.  A tiny latch is what helps keep the flip shut during transport or when your device is not in use.  cover.  You also have the S-View port, which allows the exact same functionality as the official S-View Cover from Samsung.  The flip cover will also put your Galaxy S4’s screen to sleep and wake it back up when closing and opening the flip.

This is definitely the most rugged Galaxy S4 case with a flip cover we’ve seen, and the fact that it also has S-View capabilities is even better.  These will be available in both Black and White on June 30th, 2013.

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SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor View for Galaxy S4 SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor View for Galaxy S4

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