Galaxy S4 Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Galaxy S4 Qi WIreless Charging Receiver

Fresh out of the box, the Galaxy S4 does not natively support Qi wireless charging, but Samsung has made it relatively easy to enable the convenient technology by designing some modular charging mechanisms into the back of the device.  This Qi-enabled wireless charging receiving pad for the Galaxy S4 connects to two exposed prongs at the back of your device and lays down flat on your battery underneath your battery cover.

Qi is the most popular wireless charging standard today and there are tons of great charging pads available already

Wireless charging is becoming more and more popular as each new generation of smartphone emerges.  The technology allows you to conveniently place your device down on a charging pad to wirelessly recharge your device’s battery without having to fumble around with cables and ports.  Because of this, you save wear and tear from occurring inside your micro USB port, which often can become worn out, separated from the circuit board, or broken in other ways from accidentally yanking the cable or from trying to insert it upside down in the dark.

Qi is the leading wireless charging standard for small electronics as of now, and there are tons of great wireless charging pads available which support the technology.  This wireless charging receiving pad will work flawlessly with any Qi-enabled charging pad.

Galaxy S4 Qi WIreless Charging Receiver

Installation of this receiver is pretty simple and will not force you to use a third party battery cover which used to be the case with popular charging solutions such as Powermat.  Instead, this receiver consists of a very thin material that is designed to harness electromagnetism from the charging pad and recharge your battery using it.  Once installed, you can put your battery cover back on and you’re ready to take advantage of wireless charging and also add tons of extra life to your micro USB port.

Obviously, a lot of people put cases on their Galaxy S4 to protect them from damage, and most thin cases will still allow the device to wirelessly charge, but there may be some exceptions.  If your case doesn’t make use of a rubber or silicone material over the battery, you should be fine.  If you have a thick, rugged case for your Galaxy S4 it will probably not work well with this solution.  There is such a huge variety of cases available for the Galaxy S4 so far that it’s hard to get a definitive list of what works and what does not work.

NFC should still work with this solution as well, which is great news.

If you don’t already have a Qi-enabled wireless charger, we will be covering some more on our site very soon as a follow-up.  In the meantime, you can check out one of our sister sites which covers accessories for the Nexus 4 for a pretty decent list of Qi-enabled wireless charging pads.

Overall, I’m a big fan of wireless charging not only for convenience but for preserving the longevity of the micro USB port.  Charging wirelessly is a little bit slower than plugging directly in, but it’s far more convenient.  Depending on the wireless charging pad you have or select, it also doubles as a great docking solution that simultaneously charges.  Also, if you do convert your Galaxy S4 to Qi and get a charging pad, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll probably be able to use that same charging pad for any future devices that release since it’s the popular standard.

Go grab one of these receivers today!