Galaxy S4 i9505 and i9500 Case Compatibility

Galaxy S4 Accessory Questions

As most of you may know, the Galaxy S4 has two variants that will be released worldwide, which is nothing out of the ordinary due to frequency differences, network differences, patents, and all sorts of legal hurdles.  For some handsets, the difference is sometimes negligible with the actual phone housings being slightly larger to accommodate a different chipset or radio set.

Galaxy S4 cases are compatible with both i9500 and i9505 variants

Ken, a reader of our site sent in a question regarding the international Exynos-equipped Galaxy S4 handsets and the US Snapdragon-equipped variants that basically asked which cases are compatible with which precise SKU’s.  After some research, I was able to verify that the dimensions and weight of all Galaxy S4 models are identical, measuring in at 5.38×2.75×0.31 in and weighing 130 grams, according to Wikipedia.

A follow-up question was in regards to the NFC capability and case compatibility.  With older handsets and even the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung and other companies opted to place the NFC antenna on the battery cover, which means if you bought a third party battery cover it may not have the antenna installed.  With the Galaxy S4, the NFC hardware is in the battery itself, and shouldn’t bring up any issues with incompatible cases.

Thanks for your questions Ken, and if anyone else has any questions or would like advice picking out Galaxy S4 accessories, please contact us with the ‘Talk to Us!’ link at the top of the page or click here!