Cygnett WorkMate Galaxy S4 Rugged Case

Cygnett WorkMate Galaxy S4 Rugged Case

If you’ve been looking for something very protective and built like a brick sh-…. well, you know the rest.  The Cygnett WorkMate is an extremely rugged Galaxy S4 case that consists of a polycarbonate shell, a TPU skin, and a silicone panel on the back for grip and extra shock dampening.

There’s a lot of engineering that went into this product from the industrial designers at Cygnett, including a lot of elements that we love to see in any case that purports to be extra protective.  One of the main features that jumped out at me was the reinforced corners which are going to greatly assist in drop protection.  As I’ve mentioned several times with other products we’ve covered, the corners of your Galaxy S4 are extremely susceptible to falling damage which could end up shattering your screen.

The back panel consists of a sheet of silicone that mainly adds grip for holding and for setting down on a dashboard without having to worry about your Galaxy sliding around.  The inside of the case is lined with a soft TPU to prevent scratches and act as a buffer between your phone and the more solid materials that comprise the WorkMate.  There is no built-in screen protector, but the front lip has been designed in such a way that it’ll protrude out past the screen itself, adding much clearance between the beginning of the case and your gorgeous 4.99″ screen.

Below is a video showing off the drop tests that the designers held for the Cygnett WorkMate case, and you can tell how durable it is without compromising much size:

These are currently on sale at Amazon, so pick one up while it lasts!