64GB microSDXC Card for Galaxy S4

64GB microSDXC Card for Galaxy S4

A couple of readers have emailed us asking about microSD card recommendations for the Galaxy S4, usually asking about the highest microSD card that the Galaxy S4 supports.  The answer is 64GB, and this microSDXC solution from SanDisk is the fastest available and for a really good price.

This is the fastest and largest microSD card available for the Galaxy S4

The lowest internal storage capacity of the Galaxy S4 is 16GB, with 32GB and 64GB variants also being released.  Because phones these days are like little computers — especially Android devices — a lot of the internal storage is used for the operating system and preloaded apps from the carriers and phone manufacturers, similar to big box PC’s.  That being said, the 16GB Galaxy S4 only has just over 8GB of free space.  This is a pretty good reason to grab the largest memory card available and use it to store all of your music, videos, pictures, and games, while leaving the internal storage available for apps and other critical files and information that the apps will end up creating and using such as saved settings, word lists for predictive typing, and more.

SanDisk is one of the premier brands of SD card, and the SDXC format works well with the Galaxy S4, and it also operates with UHS-1 enabled speeds, which is currently the fastest available in this size.  That speed rating equates to about 30MBs per second.  A faster microSD card means your apps can read data quicker, thus speeding up your phone.  A lot of times, slower memory cards will cause lag and delays when pulling up all of your pictures in the Gallery app, for example.

These cards are pretty rugged as well.  Even though you probably won’t take it out too often, it is waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and temperature proof.  The only thing you gotta worry about with this card is losing it, because it’s very light and thin.

In terms of storage space, you can roughly save about 480 minutes of 1080p video, 320 MP3 albums, close to 1,600 photos, and 64 large apps such as games.  All of that can be stored on one of these.  That’s a pretty good deal!  These are currently on sale too, and shipping out now!

Order yours today!